Toronto: Eat–OCAD/Village Grange Area

Must have OCAD Eats in the heart of the Village Grange:

Sin & Redemption: The best goddamn Indian Poutine in the city in a restaurant. Smoke’s Poutinierie may win for price and portion size but Sin & Redemption Indian Poutine is a heartwarming comfort food that surpasses all other things delicious by Dundas and Elm. Their Flammencke’s and edibles are tantalizingly tasty, whether you’re craving bar bites, substantial dinner pub fare or a delicious sweet treat Sin & Redemption is sure to tempt you into a whole lot of gluttonous sinning. Be sure to sip some cocktails before you go, or sample their extensive collection of beers on tap. You never know what you’re going to get as promotional and merchandising teams representing different breweries leave fun keepsakes from time to time for pub patrons. Whether hosting a reunion of friends, or fiending for some pubbing fun this restaurant pub has everything you can imagine and more.
Art Gallery Square Café: Spicy Mexican Hot chocolate, art work, and crepes galore! What more could you ask for? One of the best kept secret cute date places in the city.
Karine’s: Nothing beats Karine’s five dollar breakfast specials! All day long you can enjoy bottomless tea or coffee with your assortment of favourite breakfast edibles like Smoked Salmon and Spinach Omelette’s over whole wheat toast, perfectly fried home fries and a healthy helping of fruit and salad. Also known for their vegetarian and vegan friendly options Karine’s caters to all kinds of crowds from students on a budget to Torontonians savvy enough to know one of the best under the radar breakfast deals in the city.
Manpuku: Oiishi da ne^^? Shigure Don, Oyako Don, meaty heaven in a bowl, Oden and orgasmic Takoyaki. For a taste of authentic Japanese rice bowls at affordable prices without a wait, Manpuku is packed full of flavour and convenience in the heart of the Village Grange adjacent to Karine’s. Their Takoyaki is exploding with flavour and tender morsels of octopus. You cannot go wrong with ordering anything off the menu.

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