NYC: Drink-Boozy Brunch Edition

Cheers to a special Friday Boozy Brunch edition of EatDrinkPlayAdventure! Here’s a few of my favourite places to boozy brunch in and around New York City.

Agave’s amazingly orgasmic Lobster Benedict

Agave: Right in the heart of West Village at 7th ave, this boozy brunch spot is great for weekend brunch indulging and amazing scenery. For only $24 all you can drink house wine, frozen margaritas, well drinks and mimosas you can pick your poison and sip away to your heart’s content.

Don't let their size fool you, they will hit you hard ;)
Frozen Margarita’s anyone?
For something delicious to munch on get their house made guac on the patio to fuel the boozy brunch revelry.

Agave’s Lobster Benedict was way too damn delectable and disappeared too fast. Agave’s Lobster Benedict was way too damn delectable and disappeared too fast.

Don’t let their size fool you, they will hit you hard 😉 The frozen margaritas pack a powerful punch.

Fonda: A great find south of East Village, this brunch spot makes it worth venturing into the heart of Alphabet City. My first visit was during Cinco De Mayo and this Comida Mexicana restaurante was so loud in a great way. This spot is perfect for large groups, celebrations or any time really. Just in case you can’t swing a reservation for Poco (just steps away) Fonda is a great lunch choice.

Their frozen hibiscus margaritas are a force to be reckoned with.
Bring on the Comida Mexicana Fonda is a crowd pleasing brunch spot with amazing sides, great entrees and delicious drinks

Stecchino: Hellz yeah for brunching in Hell’s Kitchen, don’t let the name of this neighbourhood fool you it’s always a great time adventuring in Hell’s Kitchen. Tucked away on 9th Ave between 51st and 52nd Stecchino was a fun pit stop before more midtown adventuring.

The incredible edible brunch items are such a tease. They'll tempt you for another round of food to go with your bottomless drinks.
The incredible edible brunch items are such a tease. They’ll tempt you for another round of food to go with your bottomless drinks.

The homefries were absolutely addictive! The portions are on the smaller side so make sure you order some sides. I definitely recommend the candied bacon which is better than Yotel’s take on this tasty side.

But purchasing an additional entree at this awesome restaurant doesn’t break the bank and is also wonderfully affordable. Come hungry leave happily tipsy before continuing your travels.

Cantine Parisienne: a hidden gem tucked away at the cross roads of Little Italy, Nolita and glittering Soho, cette place is a wonderfully charming adventure for French Speakers and English speakers alike. The vibe is alluringly modern with a flirty french feel.Nothing screams boozy brunch than the constant sound of popping champagne bottles. Venez-ice pour une verre du vin ou trois parce qu’il est fantastique.

Their Crab Benedicte was a scrumptious piece of brunch perfection not to mention the tantalizing morsels of crab piled high. The Eggs Viking is sure to delight your taste buds topped with smoked salmon. 

Yotel Brunch: for an opulent and lavish way to splurge on a giant birthday brunch, for $60 a pop (including gratuity) Yotel is a raging good time despite the price tag. You can get your drink and dance on with a hilarious mix of birthday/bachelor(ette) parties.

Yotel Brunch at the Dojo
Yotel Brunch at the Dojo

Bring your best runway walk and strut your stuff birthday boys and girls. Their runway that spans along the dojo is catwalk where celebrants are forced to channel their inner Zoolander. Eat. Drink. Dance. and most of all BE MERRY. The music is so good I was torn between tearing into brunch and breaking it down on the dancefloor.

Unfortunately their carafes of boozy goodness are lacking the alcoholic kick so don’t expect to get a good buzz going but regardless of alcohol consumption Yotel Brunch is a great food filled time. Come on down and bust a move with a huge brunch crew.

Boozy Brunch Bucket List:

  • Day & Night: I CAN’T WAIT to celebrate my birthday this year I have my sights set on this place in June.
  • Poco:  for lobster mac and bottomless drinks indulging in Alphabet City/the outskirts of the Lower East Side
  • Bagatelle: For some serious boozy brunching fun and to see how raging this live to air Sirius XM radio broadcast is
  • Sons of Essex: their instagram account makes this place look like a hell of a lot of fun! Can’t wait to check this out sometime in the near future.
  • Beauty: dying to check out whether it lives up to the buzzworthy hype. Only time will tell. The Lower East Side I’m coming for you.

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