Spain: Adventure-Casco Antigua Marbella/Old World Marbella Adventuring in Costa Del Sol

Step into Old World Marbella

Step into the charming Old World of Casco Antigua Marbella for a stroll in Old Quarter Marbella. Follow your feet and satisfy your sense of adventure while navigating the narrow cobblestone paths to discover hidden gems tucked away under the orange trees.

A walk among the orange trees

treasures along the way

Casco Antiguo

Plaza de los Naranjos is an enchanting place as all roads lead to the luck centre garden aligned with rows of restaurants, live music and wonder in the heart of Orange Square.


During the warmer months dine al fresco on an open air terrace overlooking the square, or picnic under the shade of the orange trees spread all around the square.

beauty along the square

Year round tables and chairs are always out for diners to enjoy the splendour of their surroundings.

venture under the shade of orange trees

Whether it’s sipping coffee or chocolate or enjoying a meal outdoors Old World Marbella is an amazing destination for a taste of something outside the ordinary.

enjoy the open air

Its narrow streets are lined with delicious bakeries, shops and Spanish delicacies sure to tempt your curiosity.

Sample delicious Spanish delights

Flakey pastry, cream horns filled with Dulce de Leche and Marzipan Galore, feast your eyeballs on the tasty treasures the Old World has to offer.
tastry treats filled with Dulce de Leche

You never know what to expect at each turn, a crossroads of adventure awaits you at each intersection.

you never know what surprises await you at every turn

Step into the past at the end of the cobblestone paths, and stumble onto the ramparts of Spanish history

step back into time

Follow your feet and let your heart guide you while threading through the sights Old Quarter Marbella has in store on an evening or day time venture.

or venture under the stars

get lost in the marvels of Old Quarter Marbella

While venturing around don’t forget to stop by the Mercado Municipal de Marbella for a crack at the freshest seafood and produce this side of Costa Del Sol.

Stop by the Mercado Principal de Marbella

for the freshest seafood in Costa Del Sol

from Camarones to Fresh Squid

Located adjacent to one of the largest parking structures, this market is steps away from the entrance to Old Quarter Marbella.

One restaurant you should definitely check out is El Cortijo.I couldn’t hope for a more authentic Spanish meal on our first full day in Marbella.

One restaurant you must try: El Cortijo

The owner was wonderfully hospitable explaining the intricacies of local cuisine, enlightening us North American folk about what constitutes “Real Spanish Paella” and the amazing amount of heart that goes into the homemade desserts made by his wife. The specials of the day are sure to please any discerning palate.

Charmingly authentic, a slice of Old World heartwarming Spanish Hospitality
The décor is heartwarming, charming red brick walls adorned by rows of Rioja and Blanco bottles of lined with vintage antiques, giving this quaint restaurant a rich, vibrant homey feel.

Dispelling the myths on Paella

The Squid Ink Paella is definitely a delight for your daring tastebuds. But the Seafood Paella is out of this world with tantalizing morsels of fresh prawn, mussels, squid, and scallops in every bite.

El Cortijo's Seafood Paella is marvelously delicious

The blend of saffron, smoked paprika, and an enrapturing mix of spices are packed in every addictive mouthful. My only complaint was that I could not savour this dish long enough. The memory of this dish evokes a hunger pang of longing to return to this quaint slice of Spanish heaven.

I couldn't get enough of the Seafood Paella

Their Queso Frito and Braised Oxtail were decadent indulgences, perfect for escaping the elements during a downpour.

Queso Frito is a crowd pleaser

El Cortijo's Braised Oxtail

If you stop by El Cortijo I strongly recommend the Fig Mousse that is literally a dessert lover’s dream. Both wonderfully sweet, earthy and deliciously poached in house made goodness and a healthy helping of love.

Home made Fig Mousse was a dessert lover's dream

This restaurant was so amazing we stopped by a second time on our trip to Spain.

Garlic Chuletas were amazing

Their Garlic Pork Chops were amazing, not to mention their assortment of fresh seafood with a sumptuously sinful broth that had me stewing in delight.
An amazing assortment of fresh Seafood

Dare to go where your curious heart takes you, don’t bring a map just your sense of adventure.

Dare to go where your curious heart takes you

charming walks

You never know what curiosities you’ll come across in the heart of Costa Del Sol.
beautiful scenery

Cheers to your own EatDrinkPlayAdventure discoveries along the way 🙂

Enjoy the splendour of Spain

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